Challenges in Teaching and Learning of English at Higher Secondary Level: The Perceptions of Teachers in Lahore

  • Faisal Irfan, Azizur Rehman khan , Malik Muhammad Saleem


This research is significant because it aims to determine the challenges faced by English language
teachers at higher secondary level. It is important because it will help devise different strategies
which are helpful for English language teachers in coping up with these challenges. This study
highlights different important issues such as weak backgrounds of the teachers, syllabus relatyed
problems, and lack of teachers training. A sample of 100 teachers was chosen from 10 colleges
located in Lahore. The research utilized two research instruments which are; the first instrument
was a survey to explore the difficulties of the English educators at higher secondary level while
the second instrument was open ended interview from the respondents. The study was a mixed
method study with both qualitative and quantitative data methods converging to present better
understanding. The findings suggest that English educators are confronting numerous problems
and issues which ascribe to their teaching this language. The findings of this research revealed that
there were certain problems faced by the English educators which hampered the learning of the
students. There was lack of teachers training and big size of classes which created negative impact
on teaching and learning process. The burdensome syllabus and the tensed environment of the
schools and colleges was also credited to hamper the expected outcomes. The study suggested
important recommendation which can be very helpful in better performance of the teachers at
higher secondary level.