Professional Learning Community: Experiences and Perceptions of Indonesian Mathematics Teachers

  • Rudi , Didi Suryadi , Rizky Rosjanuardi


This paper describes the experiences and perceptions of mathematics teachers in Indonesia in
professional learning through community. The methodology used in this study is qualitative with
phenomenography design. Data collection was carried out through electronic questionnaire and
interview. Research finding shows that only 17% of teacher participants has participated in
professional learning community in the past 1 year. Another research finding shows teachers’
perceptions stating that the reasons for their low motivation in participating in professional
learning community activities are time of the activities, quality of facilitators or resource
persons, government support, and teachers’ culture. Finally, participants offer strategies in
implementing professional learning through community namely the integration of information
and communication technology, zoning or school-based activities, government involvement,
experts involvement, and research-based activities.