Academic Competence, Content clarity and Satisfaction of Students Taught by Prospective Teachers during Teaching Practice

  • Aroona Hashmi, Asif Iqbal, Mubashira Khalid


The purpose of the research paper is to investigate theacademic competence, content clarity and students’ satisfaction of students when they are taught by prospective Teachers in the B. Ed honors program.The objectives were to find out theperceptions among male and female as well as urban and rural areas’ students’ perceptions about teachers’ competence indicators, content clarity and students’ satisfaction.The sample comprised of all prospective teachers registered in B. Ed. Honsprogram in final semesters at GC University Faisalabad and they are sent for teaching practice in secondary schools. Seventy-five prospective teachers participated in the survey voluntarily that were selected randomly. Self-constructed instrument, “Students’ Performance and Satisfaction Survey” [SPSS] with Cronbach Alpha reliability (.821) was used. Data analysis was made were analyzed using frequency analysis and t-test. The findings revealed that students rate prospective teachers have the academic competence, content clarity, reflective competence, students’ satisfaction.Female students rated teachers as high academic competence and content clarity than that of male students as per perceptions. On the other hand, both male and female students have same perceptions about their satisfaction and performance when they are taught by teachers. The rural students perceived that teachers have higher reflective competence than that of urban students.