Translation of Realities as an Object of Intercultural Communication

  • Marzhan Maukebayeva


The article deals with the study and translation of realities. The proposed material reflects Russian and English interpretations of realities, and discusses the features of translating realities in M. O. Auezov's novel "the Path of Abai". Translation of realities is part of the global problem of transferring national and historical identity. The proposed material reflects Russian, Kazakh and English interpretations of reality. Considerable attention is paid to translation as a type of cross-cultural communication. Translation provides cross-language and cross-cultural communication, as well as contributes to the dissemination of various teachings and religions. The article "Translation as a type of intercultural communication" describes the types of language mediation. The article considers the need for a deep theoretical and practical understanding of changes occurring in the language from the standpoint of sociolinguistic analysis. This article deals with the issue of reproducing the national picture of the world based on the realities inthe novel-epic of M. O. Auezov "the Path of Abai", in their translations into Russian and English.