The Role of the Judiciary in Improving the Quality of Legal Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Light of Foreign Experience

  • Lazzat Nazarkulova, Zhumabek Bussurmanov, Aiman Kussainova, Lazzat Serikova, Alikhan Kussainov, Gaukhar Nazarkulova


The article considers the participation of the judiciary in the training of legal personnel. It is proved that one of the main reasons for the low quality of legal education lies in the insufficient integration of legal education and the practice of the participation of potential employers in the training of legal personnel of courts. The article substantiates the development of the relationship between universities and the judiciary to improve the quality of legal education, and, accordingly, the quality of judicial personnel. The authors proved that at present, the relationship between the courts and law schools is formal since the judiciary has virtually withdrawn from participating in the training of legal personnel.