Competency-Based Approach to the Improvement of Judicial Personnel in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Status, Problems, and Prospects

  • Bahit Nurgaliyev, Aiman Kussainova, Ruslan Baishev, Yerkebulan Assanbayev, Rakhmet Karymsakov, Mirgul Narbinova


The article deals with the problems of judicial personnel in Kazakhstan. The judicial personnel policy in Kazakhstan is one of the fastest-growing. Despite the measures taken, many problems are still in the phase of finding effective solutions, often through trial and error. It is justified that the root cause of problems in the field of judicial personnel is the lack of a systematic approach, the lack of an overall strategy for working with the human resources of the judicial system, and the lack of holistic personnel policy in the judicial system. It is grounded that in order to improve the judicial personnel it is necessary to form the integral personnel policy on the basis of development of the general strategy of work with human resources in the judicial system on the basis of the competency-based approach.