Incitement of Sectarian Violence through Social Media

(Iraq as a model)

  • Dr. Nawzad Ahmed Yassin Al-Shwani


The problem of sectarian violence is socio-ethical and it is basically stemmed from deteriorating social values. Encountering such an issue necessitates the participation of all socialization institutions, such as, family, mosque, school, university, as well as the social media, including Facebook for its various features and technological capabilities thatinfluence the cognitive, emotional and behavioral perspectives of the individual. However, many scientific studies have emphasized on the effective role of suchways of spreading images and scenes of violence in Publicandparticularly of sectarian violence among adolescents and youth. Whereas,other studies have reduced their impact considering them just among other factors that can contribute to an increase in violence along with other social, economic, political and religious factors that affect the society.