Adaptation and Validation of the Indonesian Version of Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C): In Association with Customer-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Indonesian Public Sector-Employees

  • Hijriyati Cucuani, Marina Sulastiana, Diana Harding, Hendriati Agustiani


Counterproductive work behavior represents one of the serious problems faced by the Indonesian government at this time. Therefore, a valid counterproductive work behavior measurement is needed. The aim of this study is to adapt and validate theCounterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C) questionnaire from Spector et al. (2006). The participants were 300Indonesianpublic sector employees. The adaptation process was conducted with a reference tothe International Test Commission version 2.4. Through Pearson’s product moment analysis, CWB-C scores (CWB-C overall, organizational dimension of CWB-C and person dimension of CWB-C) had negative correlation with Customer-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior (CO-OCB). Civic Virtue was the only dimension of CO-OCB that does not have a significant relationship with CWB. CO-OCB exhibited a stronger relationship with CWB-O than CWB-P. This study confirmed that the proposed scale is a good measure of CWB in Bahasa Indonesia.