Factors of Code-Switching among Instructors and Students in the University Classroom: A Case Study of the IAU

  • Mutaz Mohammad Alkhresheh


This paper sought to explore the code-switching factors among Arab teachers and students at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia in a preparatory year. The aim was to explore the reasons and attitudes of using the mother-tongue (Arabic) by both students and instructors in the English classroom.  The collection of data was through questionnaires covering the view of students Based on their English proficiency levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and Arab instructors teaching English. Findings indicated that the use of the mother tongue (Arabic) for both students and instructors can be a helpful tool in the learning process with little variations to explain difficult vocabulary and new ideas, to increase students’ comprehension, and to convey social information for more effective learning.