The Local Wisdom of Traditional Medicine Usada for Postpartum Mother and Offspring Care in the Post-Modern Age in the City of Denpasar, Bali

  • Anak Agung Putu Agung Mediastari


The phenomenon of global society today believes religion and culture play an important role in the fields of economic, social and health development towards MokshartamJaghaditaYaCaIti Dharma. The health of mothers and their offspring after childbirth, is one of the main indicators to determine the health status of a nation. This is a phenomenon that has a great influence on the success of health development. This research is descriptive qualitative using observation techniques, in-depth interviews, practitioners and the community, as well as collecting documents from supporting libraries related to the research. This research was dissected with the theory of Structuralism-Functionalism, Ayurvedic Health Theory, and Cold-Warm Theory. The results show that the reasons for the Denpasar City community utilizing traditional medicine for the care of infants and mothers after childbirth were (a) reasons for cultural religion (b) trust in traditional healers (c) reasons for supporting legislation (d) reasons for infrastructure (e) ) creative economic reasons (f) health tourism reasons. The procedures for the care of infants and mothers after delivery have stages in accordance with the procedures for therapy with a religious approach, supernatural therapy, prana, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and nutrition. Local wisdom of traditional medicine has implications for the health of infants and mothers after delivery, preservation of traditional medicine culture, implications for health education, and sustainability.