A Shift from Traditional Cocooned Cognition to Flying Flipped Classroom

  • Dr. Shiva Durga, Dr. Pirtibha Sharma, Dr. Vivek Mehrotra


The enthusiasm for learning should be improved in every individual. Prescribed materials or related syllabus is never a means in the process of gaining practical knowledge. The burden on children in this day and age is high both in physical and psychological aspects. With present technology, social awareness exposures to multiple media (Print, Audio and visual…).Students are expected and expect knowledge in a single take. According to the requirements, instant learning program of study is integrated with cognitive skills and psychomotor domains of basic objectives grasped through analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The program of study should be designed and handled in a way to meet the expectation of multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences.

A close ended questionnaire was administered to measure the learners’ perception of flipped classroom with different learning tools like videos and handouts. Based on the results more than sixty percent had a positive attitude towards flipped classroom as it increased their learning that too in more effective way. Under achievers astonished with their performance (compared to previous performance) by increased learning through videos. The learning objectives are focused on fundamentals of the technical education with practical application of qualitative approach of the learned concepts- understanding of conceptual learning too application of learned methods. Cycle of learning is possible with flipped classroom procedure as one can have self analysis and in coordination with facilitators analysis can go back and have the opportunity to learn or revise with facilitators’ videos.