The Malay Social Character Traits: An Analysis

  • Rozita Che Rodi, Hashim Musa


This paper is based on a study which analysed the current condition of the social character traits of the Malays as compared to their 26-inherited core social traits. The 26 core social character traits are elicited from traditional Malay literary works such as proverbs, verses and maxims, embodying the rules, regulations, exhortations and prohibition to be imbued and practiced in the daily life of the Malays. Hence these 26 core traits are considered to be the vital and fundamental human components of the Malay civilization in the past forming the Malay psyche, that have triggered the golden age of Malay Sultanates of Malacca, Aceh, Johor-Riau, etc. However, the Malays had begun to be influenced by the secularism-materialism ideology of the West with the arrival of the western colonizers and western education, resulting in the gradual erosion of their cultural tradition. The erosion of the cultural tradition began to affect their inherited social character traits or psyche passed down from generation to generation, causing them to lose their vigour and Malay identity. The present numerous social ills affecting the community is testimony to this serious erosion, causing the weakening of their traditional moral and ethical fortitude. The study has succeeded in creating a software program that can self-diagnose the current condition of social character traits of any Malay respondent. By answering the questionnaires in the programme, the software will automatically analyse and diagnose the condition of his social traits, whether he is with the quality of excellent, good, fair or eroded social traits.