Reinforcement Historical Thinking in Society 5.0 During Covid-19 Outbreak

  • Asmahani Muhthar, Abdul Razaq Ahmad, Mohd Mahzan Awang


Covid-19 outbreak had forced the school to be closed and the teaching need to be carried out through ICT application. The readiness of the teacher to teach Historical Thinking Skills (HTS) elements embedded into the material and aids for online learning is questionable. The reinforcement is required if the HTS teaching and learning among the history teacher does not achieved the target objective by using online application during Covid-19 outbreak. Society 50 is the society that can link the ICT and reality world. Currently, the society is considered as Society 5.0 among the world. However, a further investigation is required in order to ensure that all teachers can be considered as Society 5.0. The focus is among the history teacher in Selangor that teach form 4. The population 975 history teachers in Selangor that teach form 4, while the sampling was 275 teachers been selected. A quantitative survey had been developed from adapt and adopt questionnaires to measure the 5 elements in HTS namely chronological skills, evidence-based skills, interpretation skills, imagination skills and rationalization skills. The dependent variable is the teacher readiness to use online application during teaching and learning. A five-point scale will be administered to measure the variables in the research. The findings reveal that the level of the all HTS elements for teaching using online is moderate. While, the readiness of the teacher to teach using online is also moderate. The relationship between the teacher readiness using online application during Covid-19 among Society 5.0 students and all HTS elements are very strong. The imagination skills are not significant, therefore is not contributing to the teacher readiness to use online learning. Chronology, Evidence-Based, Interpretation and Rationalization skills teaching elements are contributing to the teacher readiness using the online learning application. The Evidence-Based elements are negatively contributing to teacher readiness, while the Chronological, Interpretation and Rationalization elements are positive contributing to the teacher readiness.