Measuring Samarra University Students' Understanding of Microselection through Listening Skill to Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'

  • Afrah Adil Mahmood


     Microselection  is a significant advance in helping the students to master the task of identifying the principle thoughts and the keywords. The learners of English language often have some difficulties to understand the meaning of main ideas because they have limited vocabularies. Listening plays a great role in developing the students' knowledge, specifically in learning new vocabulary items that leads to the language learning. In 1970, listening has gained its importance as a skill that takes place in language teaching programs besides speaking, reading and writing. While the increased attention to listening happened in1990 and oral comprehension has a significant role in second language learning. The indicative test has been conducted in this study and the population is all the students of English language department/college of Education/Samarra university. The sample is the third year students, so this experimental group includes sixty students (male and female) to find keywords and main ideas. Wuthering Heights has been chosen for its interesting to the readers ,so it includes many love relationships that leads to strengthen all the members relationship in a society.