Revealing Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intention under the moderation of Entrepreneurial Knowledge across Talented Students at Business Incubation Centers

  • Rimsha Iqbal , Muhammad Sarmad , Qaiser Shafi , Aqsa Jalil , Muhammad Khan


Entrepreneurship is observed as an essential facet for youths’ prosperity in South Asian developing countries. The development of entrepreneurial knowledge across talented students seeks empirical investigation.  Therefore, this study utilized the theory of planned behavior to reveal the antecedents (attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control) of entrepreneurial intention under the moderation of entrepreneurial knowledge. The data was collected in time lags from 176 students engaged in diverse Pakistani business incubation centers through purposive sampling technique. The data analysis in SPSS disclosed that attitude and entrepreneurial knowledge positively affects entrepreneurial intention. On the contrary, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control are not affecting entrepreneurial intention and distinctive outcomes of entrepreneurial knowledge moderation were also established. Implications were made for better excellence across entrepreneurial business.