Demographic Analysis of the Median Age and its Spatial Indicators in the Middle Euphrates Governorates 1997-2017 (Population Geography Study)

  • Dr. Sahar Abdel Hadi Hussein, Prof. Hussein Ja'az Nasser


The study dealt with middle ages in the governorates of the Middle Euphrates and showed a difference in the distribution of the broad categories of population in the study area (the governorates of the Middle Euphrates), falling to 13.2% in 1997 and rising to 27.6% in Karbala, Najaf, Qadisiyah, Al Muthanna respectively 0 The percentage of young people aged less than 15 years in 2007 ranged between 7.2% - 1.7% for Muthanna, Karbala, Najaf, Babil and Qadisiyah governorates, respectively due to the different internal migration streams Among them, the average age of the Central Euphrates Governorates increased to 1997, reaching a minimum age of 15 years between 1997 and 1997 - 2007 between (2, 14 and 15 years) respectively, and this is due to the different internal migration between them.