Islamic Spiritual Approach and Positive Emotional Changes in Counseling

  • Hanin Hamjah, S., Ramli, H.1, Ismail, Z., Mat Akhir, N. S.


Modern counselors accept and apply spiritual approach in counseling because doing so enhances counseling effectiveness. Hence, this research aims to identify the spiritual approach applied in counseling sessions and analyze its effects on clients’ emotions on the basis of a survey involving 77 clients of the Counseling Center of Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Council. Results find that the most frequently applied spiritual approaches in counseling sessions are counselors’ reminders for clients to perform the obligatory five-time daily prayer and supplication when afflicted with problems. Moreover, the main emotional changes observed in clients are being content with Allah’s will, being grateful, loving Allah and the Prophet, being patient, and loving other people. Furthermore, the application of spiritual approach in counseling sessions is found appropriate, given its positive effects on clients’ emotions and its significance in overcoming clients’ problems in life.