The Political Skill Inventory: An Adaptation and Validation Study in Indonesia

  • Theresia Dewi Setyorini*, Zainal Abidin, Marina Sulastiana, Hendriati Agustiani


Abstract: This study aims to adapt and validate Political Skill Inventory (PSI) in Indonesian background. Adaptation and validation were tested using two stages: adaptation from original scale to Indonesian version and validation to provide evidence of the validity test. Psychometric properties were tested in Central Java with the number of respondents of 473 coming from State Civil Servants (ASN). The results show that in the adaptation stage, the Indonesian translated items had ambiguous understanding in which they were then adjusted based on Indonesian terminologies. On the other hand, in the reliability testing stage, PSI have high alpha coefficient value; while on the validity testing stage, PSI have consistent validity construct, having positive correlation with self-monitoring, and negative correlation with neuroticism. The results draw positive benefit to the measurement development of political skill in Indonesia.