Malay Pantun for Educating: The Platform to Teach History Knowledge

  • Mohammad Syawal Narawi*, Mardzelah Makhsin, Nor Hasimah Ismail


Pantun in the culture of bermukun and bergendang the Sarawak Malay community is one of the heritage that has been filling in entertainment activities sometime around the 1960s. Usually this activity is held to enliven feasts like wedding ceremonies and circumcision ceremonies held in the Malay community. The pantun presented in this bermukun and bergendang activity serves as a medium to entertain, conveying the wishes of the Tukang Gendang and Penari/Penandak and delivering specific messages to listeners or spectators. The rapidly changing movement of globalization between the causes bermukun and bergendang activities of the lesser known and practiced new generation of Sarawak Malay community. This phenomenon allows this activity to buried and disappear from the knowledge of a new generation. Recognizing the importance of bermukun and bergendang activity, a study was conducted on the activities of bermukun and bergendang for the Sarawak Malay community. This study is aimed at identifying the culture of bermukun and bergendang in Sarawak Malay society to be preserved as a history of oral heritage. This study uses interviews, observations and documentation review. A total of eight people informan interviewed to obtain data. The findings show that the culture of bermukun and bergendang the Sarawak Malay community as a history of oral and permanent heritage until now although not so familiar with the new generation compared to the 1960s. The culture of bermukun and bergendang has long existed and landed on Bumi Kenyalang as a casual entertainment that educates, entertains, and criticizes the behavior of the community. The study of the cultural heritage of the Sarawak Malay community is hoped to be documented so that this oral tradition remains an oral history that is not lost over time.