The Value of Women's Image on Popular Novel Approaches

  • Nor Hasimah Ismail, Mardzelah Makhsin, Mohammad Syawal Narawi, Nazilah Mohamad


Women's issues in the masterpiece are often discussed in mass media and electronic media. Various things about pure values in women are herself often displayed in the work. The question of the identity about woman's position in the adapted popular novel will be overlooked. This study will use the theory of takmilah to analyze. The objective of this study is to elaborate on issues and analyze the pure values of women's image in the selected novel. This study was conducted to be an example and useful guidance to readers about women's image. Women are mothers, sisters and siblings who give a different picture to each other. Hence the image of a woman who displays pure Islam based values is the best for the general display towards the globalization era.