The Critical Success Factor in Character Education: A Teaching Guide for Educators

  • Fory Armin Naway, Arifin Suking, Besse Marhawati, Arifin, Ikhfan Haris


This study aims to determine the strategy of implementing character education in university and the implementation of the character education implementation of students. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The author used observation, interviews, and documentation as the technique in collecting data. Triangulation techniques were also used by the author to check validity by checking information from interviews with documentation and observation. The findings showed that the strategy of implementing character education for students could be done through several efforts. They are integrating values and ethics in subjects, internalizing positive values instilled by all members, orientation, and training, setting examples, and role models, creating a character atmosphere in university, and acculturation. The implementation of students' character education is carried out through integration between character building with learning, university management, and development activities.