Parenting System And Working Interest among Rural Adolescents: A Trends in Social Mobilization

  • Anggaunita Kiranantika, Risma Nur Habibah


This research is based on researchers' interest in the decrease number of villagers working as farmers and in the agricultural sector as the main commodity in East Java Province, Indonesia. This Research was conducted by using quantitative method. Proportional Random Sampling technique was applied in rural adolescents for measuring Cluster Sampling in 30 villages of the choosen Regencies. 72 respondents were selected as research objects. The data was analyzed by Santrock’s parenting system, completed with Product Moment Pearson Statistic. Results of the research revealed that (1) Most people at East Java Province, Indonesia applied Authoritative Parenting systems in their families; (2) Interest and motivation of the adolescents to work in the future were no longer in the agricultural sector; (3) There was a positive correlation between the parenting system and the interest of adolescents, an increasing trends of villagers mobilization to choose work outside rural areas.