Evaluating the Initiative Program of Literacy and Numeracy for Early Classes in Jordan

  • Nisreen Saleh Khader Khader, Prof. Nedal Kamal Mohammad Al Shraifin


         The study aims at evaluating the initiative program of literacy and numeracy for the early classes in Jordan. The sample consisted of (419) teacher for primary school third-grade students, school principals, educational supervisors, Bani Kinanah Educational Departments, Amman Qassabat, the designers and the funders of the program. Both researchers used survey descriptive approach and distributed two questionnaires, the first questionnaire for evaluating the effectiveness of initiative program of literacy and numeracy that consisting of 33 paragraphs, while the second questionnaire is used for measuring the effectiveness of calculation skills activities included in teacher’s mathematics file for third-grade students consisting of 20 paragraphs. The validity has been verified and the findings indicated that literacy and numeracy program provide us with an excellent feedback about students’ performance. Also, it provides evaluating tools that are connected with its goals. The findings revealed that the employed period for completing the programs are commensurate with both students’ ability and the volume of the program. Also, the program enhanced teachers’ attitudes towards teaching profession. The researchers recommend reviewing the findings of the evaluation, monitoring both advantages and disadvantages of the program according to the different stages of the program, and providing experiences for teachers at all levels, and providing the support from the whole official and nonofficial bodies.