Fog Framework for Minimal Latency of Mobile Devices

  • Shumaila Siddique


Latency is rapidly becoming critical in cloud computing. Latest services and applications in many vertical markets are requiring low latency. Today every type of business network and channels are running with blazing fast speed which requires ultra-low latency within minimum time scaling. The industries which are achieving lowest latency are surviving while other slow competitors fall behind. Users are demanding real-life applications with low latency which helps them to obtain their desire services within very limited time in their range. Cloud is a geographically densely distributed large-scale network, in which more time is needed to response on request to deliver or retrieval of data, due to which unstable latency issues are creating. This flexibility of providing applications anywhere in densely network is beauty of cloud, but this flexibility comes at the price of unstable, unpredictable high latencies which are horrific in this ultra-fast time-period. Fog network is an extension of cloud network and very powerful technique of networking to manage and minimize the issues of unstable latency. Technology enhancement from cloud to fog is due to computation of distribute resources at the edge of a network in fog to bring it near to different users to support fast streaming with reduce latency. Fog networks are not very dense with distantly located servers and provide services at the edge very speedily with low latency.Fog with emerging technology will be best for stable latency. Currently data is delivering and retrieval in large quantities to many geographically scattered users, to optimize the cloud, different organizations demanding a way to satisfy the different users by delivering the desire contents through geographically distributed channel. In this, we propose the conceptual framework of fog which minimize the latency of mobile devices. Our proposed framework will satisfy the users to attain low latency. This framework of fog is willing to sponsor mobile devices with their smart applications at the edge with low latency. In this framework, data will be collected at the extreme edge from different nearest devices or data servers. So, it can provide data in very limited time to analyze and act. All types of online business communications and transportations require low latency network to deliver their services.