Spending Limit Policy to Reducing Cost of Political Campaign and the Influence of Money in Election

  • Ibnu Sina Chandranegara, Syaiful Bakhri


Regulation concerning on limiting campaign funds have not proven to limit campaign funds from donors with binding interests. Therefore, the need to identify various weaknesses in the regulation Regulation concerning on limiting campaign funds to optimize clean campaign funds that prevent conflicts of interest, ensure transparency about origin of donations and ensure independence in making policies post election. Normative legal research methods are used in this study by starting from primary legal materials includes all laws and regulations governing campaign funds in regional head election and literature review which related to regional head election, secondary materials and tertiary material. This research concludes that it is necessary to affirm the limitation of campaign funds the candidate, regulating composition of contributors with the reasonableness ratio, reformulation of sanctions which excess of limit campaign funds, and application of investigative audit.