“Defending The Country” Spirit; Its Presence and Absence TowardsOrganizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)

  • Wiwik Handayani, Rizky Dermawan, Sri Muljaningsih


Every university has a diversed character, built as a hallmark of the university and the basis of the management process both bureaucratic and academic, thus it becomes a distinguisher between universities. This study compared two groups of universities that use the slogan of defending the country openly and those who do not use the slogan of defending the country,examiningwhether lecturers in higher education, have different behaviors in the two groups. The variables employed were organizational climate, job satisfaction, transformational leadership, work motivation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior as an approach in research. The information collected through surveys fromspreading questionnaires to respondents. The population in this study was university lecturers universities in Surabaya who has been working for at least five years, with simple random sampling method. Respondents of 187 lecturers from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional VeteranJawa Timurand 173 from other universities in Surabaya.Hypothesis testing was being conducted with MANOVA analysis. The results exhibited three hypotheses were rejected, which dealing with organizational climate, job satisfaction, and work motivation variable and one hypothesis was accepted, which was transformational leadership.