The Effect of Knowledge Sharing on Organisational Performance with Types of Innovation as Mediation: A Study of Star Hotels in Bali Province, Indonesia

  • I. Nyoman Sunarta, Abdul Rohman, Warsito Kawedar


The purpose of this study is to examine how the role of mediation types of innovation (product innovation/service, innovation process, innovation organisational and innovation marketing)impacts the relationship between knowledge sharing (KS) and organisational performance, based on the knowledge-base-view theory. Data were collected using a questionnaire sent directly to the main managers of three hotels that were rated four or five stars in Bali Province, Indonesia. The research uses organisational level analysis units. The data obtained were 105 and analysed using WarpPls 6.0. The results showed that KS had a significant positive effect on organisational performance and the types of innovations at the hotels. A positive and significant influence is also shown in the relationship between the types of innovations andorganisational performance. In addition, the types of innovations positively and significantly mediate the relationship between KS and organisational performance. It is important to develop KS practices in star hotels, because through the practice of KSand tacit and explicit knowledge, organizations will be able to continuously innovateso that performance will improve. This research is the first empirical study that exploits the role of mediating the types of innovations in the relationship of KS to organisational performance.