The Theme of Diversity and Conflict in Siber Indonesia Media

  • Eko Harry Susanto, Ahmad Junaidi, Farid Rusdi


Cyber media rises in line with the complexity of news coverage on diversity and conflict. Firstly, the cyber media has to meet journalistic rules. Secondly, it has to encounter that there are majority and minority groups and it consistently considers the importance of diversity. This research involved Journalists Union for Diversity (SEJUK). It focused on the news coverage of diversity and conflict in the Surabaya and Bandung cyber media. The research purpose is to describe the overall picture of diversity news, the news coverage strategy of cyber media in raising diversity and conflict issues in society. It used the combined qualitative and quantitative methods so that it complemented each other. The research results show that (1) There are different news coverage on diversity (2) The cyber media has different considerations in the news coverage of the conflict.