Survival for Executives to Use Communication as a Tool Amidst Disruptive Innovation

  • Surapongse Sotanasathien


Disruptive innovation has become more evident in the 21st century. Its heart is directly related to information. It also impacted results in the theoretical frameworks of communication to change according to disrupting. In particular, the change in the state of information in the form of a sign with the fixed meaning becomes a floating sign then changing into a fluid. It also involved the communication process that carried on information to become fluid as according to information. Although it may be dynamic, it is no longer static and stable. Executives who use communication as a tool for communication management need to manage in the form of paradoxes or antithesis of the traditional theoretical framework in the last century. No matter what executive as a sender or receiver, a message, the media, and the communication phenomena surrounding have to use the inverse of the original behavioral communication theory to manage their organization to survive during unstructured fluidity.