Involving Students into Project and Heuristic Work (On the Example of «Pedagogical Design»)

  • Djamila A. Salmanova, Vera K. Agaragimova, Burliyat G. Yavbatyrova


The article justifies the model for involving students in project and heuristic work, which includes the target (social order of the higher education system for training a competent university graduate and based on an understanding of heuristic project work as a special type of activity of future Bachelors of Pedagogy); content (invariant and variable content); technological (forms of organization, methods, teaching aids), diagnostic and effective components (programs: diagnostics, adjustments, evaluations). It was determined that the project and heuristic work will contribute to a more qualitative vocational training of Bachelors of Pedagogy since highly qualified teachers mastering this technique can give an innovative impetus to the development of an educational organization, develop and introduce modern educational technologies, contribute to the development of an innovative educational environment, provide high quality training of personnel, mid-level specialists, as well as graduates of universities.