Mingle Model to Improve Introvert Student’s Speaking Skills: Theoretical Constructivism Review

  • Uril Bahruddin, Langgeng Budianto


The productive speaking skill is very crucial in foreign language learning for introverted students in era 4.0. The study investigated the effect of mingle model in relation to the students’ speaking performance. Mingle Learning Model (MLM) proposed by Polard and Hess (1997)offered as an approach due to the concept suitability with constructivism theory. The library research designcombined with observations and interviews was used in the study.The results indicated that seven stages of the MLM should be carried outdue to its link with the constructivismtheory of preparation, topic Information,grouping, warming Up, do mingle, discussion, and re-creation.Besides, Introvertsprefer learning a second language at a slower pace sincethey are easily overshadowed by the communication skillsof their extroverted peers,