Techno Pedagogical Skills For Teaching-Learning Process In Smart Class

  • P.Palanisamy, K.Paavizhi, Dr. AR.Saravanakumar


            Education can be defined as a systematic process of determining the extent to which goals are made through perseverance and patience. According to Tagore, "education is what not only gives us details but makes our way of life harmonious throughout life." As the 21st-century approaches, the educated citizen is increasingly predicting the use of computer technology for information and acceptance. Understanding how to use digital information from resources to expanding resources is important. The education system is now witnessing a paradigm shift from the traditional chalk and on-board teaching to digital inclusion methodology. The change will not only increase the capacity of teachers but will enhance the knowledge base of students to make them more aggressive in the international arena. Therefore, the technologies that are being promoted wish to develop that will equip them to deal with students of the visible generation and in addition to addressing the challenges within the modern classroom. Modern technology for teaching and learning in instructional instruction has now been transferred to smart classes. It is a new concept in education. The smart class approach offers smart thinking tools and a techno-based environment that can be read by students of all ages. Utilizing information technology in communications and different teaching technologies with teaching methods has a very positive impact. Computer, computer, and multimedia instruction may become common practice in the future. The concept of smart class is an entirely new concept and one that can generate interest in research. Smart class is a creative concept for both teachers and students, involving the computer, the Internet, projectors, and whiteboards in a systematic way of integrating them with interactive learning experiences. The concept of this education is used successfully in all states or any discipline from elementary education to higher education.