Dynamic Conflict Of Land Ulayat Traditional Communities (The Social Facts Paradigm)

  • Mukhrizal Effendi, Muhammad Arif Nasution, R. Hamdani Harahap & Muryanto Amin


The existence of indigenous peoples is always synonymous with agrarian conflicts. Conflicts that occur are generally based on cultural diversity, such as ethnicity, ethnicity, religion and social strata that characterize conflicts of threats and violence and drag on the discourse of primordialism that occurs in North Padang Lawas Regency, Indonesia (migrants, natives, Muslims, non-Muslims and political elites). This research uses descriptive qualitative research methods with a case study approach, The result of this research show that indigenous peoples reject the acquisition of customary land. The 40 Paluta Register has never carried out 4 stages and has never met a question bracelet territorial boundaries. Based on this statement, it can be concluded that the recognition of the existence of ulayat land and ulayat rights is carried out as long as in reality it is still customary, not in conflict with national interests and other higher laws and regulations. For example the LoGA introduces the concept of conditional recognition which is then followed by default by pre-existing regulations.