The Romance Among Teachers’ Questioning Level, Communication Skills, And Students’ Academic Performance

  • Emejidio C. Gepila Jr. et al.


The paper examined the relationship between teachers’ questioning level and communication skills in giving instructions to students and students’ academic performance. Using inferential statistical measures to the data from 122 surveyed respondents. These respondents are from the neighboring towns of San Mateo, Rizal, and Marikina City, Metro Manila. The results show that teachers’ level of questioning skills is Very Good in terms of the distribution of questions in the class which indicates a good mentoring program from the academic coordinators and asst. principals. Second, teachers’ level of communication skills is also Very Good in terms of choosing the correct medium of instruction which shows that teachers were informed about the right medium of instructions to be used inside the classroom; Third, students’ academic performance shows that most of the students enjoyed the computer subjects which shows the connections of this new generation of students to technologies. Lastly, there is a both weak and not significant relationship between students’ academic performance to questioning and communication skills of the teachers. It shows that students nowadays can study regardless of the way the teachers communicate with them. It simply confirms that the existence of gadgets as learning tools is an evidence of supplementary aide for students’ good academic performance. However, an enhancement and sustainability program must be designed and implemented to further the current status of the teachers and students.