A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Planning Practices in Gulf Cooperation Council Region: A Case Study of Huawei and Samsung Companies

  • Dr. Mohamed Dawood Shamout, Dr.Malek Bakheet Elayan


The paper aims to compare and contraste the strategic planning practices in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. To achieve this, it focuses on Huawei and Samsung companies where a comparative analysis is carried out. The two companies have different subsidiaries in GCC region hence the selection. In this paper, the competitive aspects that characterise the two companies operations have been evaluated with the need for leveraging on competitive advantage to harness economic viability has been identified. It is worth noting that organisations are supposed to be conversant with the view that the formulation of any strategy must integrate appropriate strategy implementation. With the increased international government regulations, competition, and level of globalisation, this report has informed on the need for both organisations to increasingly use the different identified tools and techniques in their strategic planning process. This is through a focus on the process design, HRM practices, innovativeness and quality management strategies.