Land Use Land Change and its Impacts on Water Resources and Ecology: A literature review

  • Eissa Zaidan Alshammari, Ruslan Rainis, Azimah Abdul Rahman


Land use Changes (LUC), and Land Cover (LC) are expected to have an impressive high sway on Environmental issues and the biological system. The various changes and advancement of land action in a catchment significantly affect water assets impacting on hydrological topics, for example, penetration, and direct overflow. LU has too, direct more significant part factor in expanding the measure of water dissipation, groundwater invasion and overland spillover that happens during and after precipitation occasions. It is instinctively engaging that the advantages of improved Land the executives, or the expenses related with unfavourable effects of insufficient LU on urban water sources. The purpose of this paper is to investigate LUC impacts in increasing of peak discharge and Runoff in scale catchment. Furthermore, the effect of LUC development in both short and long time in environmental matters, and most factors drive LU in the basin. The current study finds that the benefit of Hydrology modelling to estimate and predict of impact LUC in water resources on a catchment scale.