Behavioural Intention and Customer Satisfication of Health and Fitness Apps

  • Vadapalli Kavya Sri et al.


Health and Fitness applications have increasing demand and are said to be the majority preferred applications among all the other categories. The demand was due to the customer satisfaction and awareness of the health-related information at very minimal and accessible terrains. This could be treated as one of the advancements in service delivery of healthcare. The purpose of the study is to understand the user intentions of the customers and their behaviors and trust developed which played a major role to understand the demand for these applications in the market. Materials and methods used are questionnaire distributed across the population who uses health and fitness apps. The variables such as facilitating conditions, habit, hedonic motivation, performance expectancy, and trust were used in this study to predict the customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention towards health and fitness apps . This study (n=300) was a survey and questions framed according to the attributes of the model through stratified sampling. Health professionals should understand the motive behind usage and encourage clients to create awareness which paved a way to the healthier communities.