Comprehensive Analysis of the Role of Cognitive Linguistics in Automatic Abstracting Techniques of Texts

  • Esmaeel Farnoud, Somayeh Zokhtareh


Automatic text summarization is a process to reduce the amount of a document's text, using a computer program to create a summary of the book by maintaining the critical points of the material. As information is growing much more and data are increased, automatic text summarization is a practical approach. This method refers to shortening the content of an HTML file by maintaining the original content in the general sense. It is challenging for human beings to summarize many documents. The significant difficulty regarding this is the existence of websites, which have been developing rapidly, and with a high volume of information exchange, that requires robust, powerful, and sophisticated abstracting techniques. Technology has made it possible to create a coherent summary of texts with different length, writing style. In this paper, the authors first reviewed the concepts of automatic abstracting techniques and its types, then survey about the existing abstracting systems, and finally make a decision about the best method of automatic summarizing of the texts. Besides, we compare the current text summarization methods from the perspective of swiftness and accuracy. At the end of the paper, we try to provide one standard about the necessary parameters that an ideal text summarization technique should have.