Pedagogical basis of professional oriented technologies in education system

  • Beisenbayeva Zhaina , Raimkulova Aktoty, Mombek Aliya, Orazakynkyzy Farida, Kurmanbayeva Almagul, Korabay Serikkazy


The current system of reproduction of pedagogical personnel objectively requires a review and clarification of its content, structure, organization, principles of relationship with educational practice and innovative processes in education. This is directly related to the design of new professionally-oriented educational technologies that ensure the achievement of high quality and guaranteed results of professional training and the formation of the personality of a teacher.

The relevance of the study is also determined by the desire to prepare the future teacher, not only as a specialist in a particular subject area, but also as a person with the necessary competencies for organizing a developing educational environment: In the new socio-economic conditions, the requirements for professional competence, flexibility, and creativity have increased future specialists. The success of the activities of educational institutions depends largely on the professional and personal qualities of the teacher, his moral and intellectual potential, as well as the creative search for solving pedagogical problems. The implementation of modernization processes * of education requires updating the personal and professional potential of teachers in the development of new teaching technologies