Taxonomy of Network Security Software According to Features and Attributes

  • Evon Abu-Taieh , Issam AlHadid, Auhood Alfaries, Hanan A. Mengash, Mai Alduailij, Omer Rana, Sufian AlKhawaldeh, Manal A. Alohaly


The cyber world reinvented a need for an age-old quest of safety.  This research discussed 211 network security software environment according to 12 features.  The paper first presented related research conducted on this topic.  Next, the paper presented the 12 suggested features: Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Email Attachment Protection, Event Tracking, Internet Usage Monitoring, Intrusion Detection System, IP Protection, Spyware Removal, Two-Factor Authentication, Vulnerability Scanning, Web Threat Management, Web Traffic Reporting.  Following, the paper showed the most popular features according to network security software.  Afterward, the paper presented the top 6 network security software out of 211 that comply with at least 10 features.