Abay's literature school: historical and philosophical review

  • Korabay Serikkazy, Orazakynkyzy Farida, Zhanakova Nurgul, Baltabayeva Gaukhar, Ozgambayeva Raikhan, Aimbetova Ulbossyn


To reveal the significance of the worldview aspects of this heritage, ideologization took place to please the political doctrines of the dominant system. If the philosophical, pedagogical, psychological views of the poet to some extent became the object of study, then his historical views were spoken about in passing. And this research is devoted to the study of the literary foundations of the historical views of Abay.

This aspect is of undoubted interest to us due to the fact that Abay, being a representative of the traditional culture of his people, was well acquainted with a wide range of literary sources. Particularly noteworthy are his searches related to the history of his native people, with his origin. Thinking only around this one fact, an attempt to examine it from various points of view, occupied the main place in our work, which informs our work of concreteness and logical completeness. At the same time, the research is purely literary in nature, which is due to the objective setting of the research.

The Kazakh people, the entire public of the Republic of Kazakhstan are moving towards the 175th anniversary of the birth of the founder of modern professional Kazakh literature, a brilliant poet, an outstanding thinker, a consistent conductor of educational ideas in the Kazakh steppe of Abay (Ibrahim) Kunanbaev.

The upcoming anniversary is intended to be a significant milestone in the in-depth study, scientific development and promotion of the poet’s rich heritage as a spiritual treasury of world significance