The Meaning of Viral Muslimah Fashion on Social Media in the Context of Semiotic based on Islamic Perspective

  • Achmad Muhibin Zuhri, Novena Ade Fredyarini Soedjiwo


Media texts have a significant influence on the behavior of people who consume these media texts. One of the expressions formed by the media is a fashion style of imitation that can give a specific identity to someone. This study discusses the trend of viral Muslim clothing in social media in the context of semiotic based on the Islamic perspective. This research used a qualitative research method (library research), by analyzing the understanding of Islamic Muslim clothing Shar’i using Roland Barthes's semiotic analysis. The study results showed that Muslim attire, which has been viral on social media, has not yet become a standard for sharia. The manifestation of divinity is obscured by fashion mode. Therefore, from this research, it is expected that a Muslim woman must understand the values of dressing following the Islamic religion rules.