Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of Zakat Acceptance and Contribution to the Economic Development from Zakat Sectors and Its Implication in Increasing Employment and Decreasing Poverty in DKI Jakarta Resident

  • M. Syahrial Yusuf, Novianita Rulandari


This study aims to find out the influence between researched variables namely problems of regulatory factor, the construction and infrastructure facilities, governance, human resources, supervision and Zakat acceptance, its implication in increasing the economy's development from Zakat sectors, increasing employment, poverty reduction in DKI Jakarta Province area. The research method that used is analysis through AMOs. It discovers that regulatory factors have a significant impact on zakat development with the first largest coefficient of the five variables of research. The development of zakat acceptance affects significantly to the increased development from zakat sectors with the magnitude of the influence is 78,10%. Increased development of zakat sector affects significantly to the job creation with the scope of influence is 56,61 %. Increased development from zakat sector affect significantly to the poverty reduction with the magnitude of the influence is 43,51%.