Prophetic Leadership in Realizing an Excellent Education Unit; Study at UPT Personality and Leadership Formation Program, Muhammadiyah Malang University

  • Sri Minarti, Atiqullah


This research focuses on the prophetic leadership style practised by the leadership of P2KK UMM. This leadership style is able to encourage, develop, and realize the excellent educational units that have quality education and other achievements. This research is a qualitative approach with a type of case study to understand the phenomenon of leadership, and data analysis was using Miles and Hubermann's interactive analysis. This research concludes that prophetic leadership contributes to the liberation of human resources from the confusion of status quo thinking. It arises based on the humanist style of leadership by prioritizing the achievement of goals that are in harmony with human and divine values. Therefore, in human resources, human consciousness and divinity are formed as the basis of their performance. From this awareness, it gave a chance to the performance of achievement in the form of motivation to build an excellent education unit.