• Zaenal Mukarom


Salapan Village Community, is one of the indigenous communities in the Pasundan landscape geographically located in Gempol Village, Banyusari District, Karawang Regency, West Java. As an indigenous community, Salapan Village is still strong in preserving traditional traditions (cultural systems) in all aspects of life both in belief systems, world views and in social institutions. This study aims to explore further about: belief systems, world views, social organizations, and communication culture of Salapan Village indigenous peoples. An understanding of these aspects is very important, considering these aspects are distinctively distinguishing the characteristics of the Salapan Village community from the community at large. Search for this using the grounded theory method with the ethnographic approach to communication. Data collection is done by in-depth interviews and participant observation. The findings in the field show that: First, the community belief system of Salapan Village is still based on the religious emotion aspect; Second, the people of Salapan Village still see the reality of life as something that is sacred (sacred value); Third, the social organization of Salapan Village is built on the geminschaft model; and Fourth, the communication culture of the people of Salapan Village can be categorized into high context communication by highlighting nonlinear speech styles.