Developing Mathematics Learning Instruction Based on Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Professional Teachers in Indonesia

  • Riawan Yudi Purwoko, Rusgianto Heri Santosa, Sugiman


This study aimed to produce the mathematical learning instruction based on the knowledge and experience of professional teachers as a pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). Besides, the instruction developed should be the valid, practical, and effective criteria. This research used the Plomp development model. The subjects of the study were 8 high school mathematics teachers who had national reputation in Indonesia. After the instrument was made, the validation was done by the three experts of mathematics learning. The study conducted preliminary test and operational test in the three leading high schools to obtain practical criteria. Subsequently, based on the results of the assessment of 3 teachers and 147 students the product was declared practical. The product has also been tested for effectiveness by obtaining a classical percentage of completeness reaching 75%. Based on the validity, practice, and effectiveness criteria, mathematics learning instruction is feasible to be used as a reference for learning mathematics in the future.