Schools’ Difficulties in Implementing The Funds of The School Operational Cost (SOC) of Indonesia Government Program

  • Muamar Surawidarto, Muhyadi, Soenarto, Dedek Andrian


The purpose of this study was to detect the school's difficulties in implementing the soc program made by the indonesian government program. this type of research was a qualitative research type phenomenology. data collected through open questionnairesinvolvethe central government made the principal from 34 provinces throughout indonesia who get serious problems in using funds from the soc program. data were analyzed using the qualitative approach proposed by cresswell. the results show that schools have difficulties in managing the soc program because technical instruction made by the central government is difficult to implement. funds have given by the central government haven'tyet fulfilled the school requirement.internet networks become the main problem the school administrator in reporting the useof funds.