The Effect Of Locus Of Control, Work Characteristics, Reward With Work Satisfaction As Intervening Variables On The Commitment Organization In The Bunda Halimah Hospital Using SEM-PLS

  • Dahlan Gunawan, Jemmy Rumengan, Arief Nurtjahjo, Maniah, Chablulah Wibisono


In this study, researchers used respondent data, such as gender, age, and duration of work of respondents to be able to provide information about the characteristics of respondents. The population of this research is the medical staff of Bunda Halimah Hospital Batam, which consists of doctors and nurses. The sample is determined by the number of sample members, 50 people with a proportional random sampling technique consisting of 13 doctors and 37 nurses. Data analysis with parametric and non-parametric statistics using SEM-PLS (Structural Equation Modeling-Partial Least Square) regarding research variables, instrument testing, normality testing, hypothesis testing, and discussion of the results of hypothesis testing and path analysis. In the table above, the results obtained (e1) amounted to 0.549 or 54.9%. Then, e2 is 0.746 or 74.6%.