The Effect of Guided Inquiry Model and Learning Motivation on the Understanding of Physics Concepts

  • Kaharuddin Arafah, Rusyadi Rusyadi, Burhanuddin Arafah, Azhariah Nur B. Arafah


The aim of this study was to find out the difference understanding of physics concepts of the students taught by employing guided inquiry model of learning by direct instruction holistically, high learning motivation, and for low learning motivation. Besides that to analyze the effect of interaction between models of learning with learning motivation to the understanding of student physics concepts at SMAN 18 in Makassar. In order to achieve the aim, research has been done by using treatment by level design, factorial 2 x 2. This study involved four classes. Two classes were taught by using guided inquiry model and the other two used direct instruction. The number of population was 160 students of XI IPA class. The number of samples was 68 students selected by cluster random sampling technique. The data were analyzed by means of two-way ANOVA. The result of the study indicates that holistically there was a difference of physics concept understanding between students taught with guided inquiry model and direct instruction. Furthermore, there was an effect of interaction between learning model with learning motivation to the understanding of physics concepts. There was a difference of understanding the physics concepts of students taught by guided inquiry learning model and direct instruction both for the students having high learning motivation and low learning motivation.