Linguistics Diachronic Study Retention And Innovation: The Evidence Of Retention And Innovation Isolect Lampung Language Indonesia As A Heritance Of Proto-Austronesia

  • Sudirman AM, Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany, Eva Faliyanti


The purpose of writing a description of the retention and innovation of Lampung language isolates as an inheritance from ancient languages; establish facts, classify the language analyzed, and present the rules of inheritance *PAN *proto-phonemes and etymon Lampung language. Language facts are sourced from the Finder list and Proto-Melayic books as diachronic and synchronous concepts of the Lampung dialect; Data grouping is done by linking equalizing and differentiating between lexicon cognates that correspond. Furthermore, the results of the study are presented regarding the rules of regular change in sound elements both in the form of retention and innovation with top-down methods, such as the proto-phoneme of the etymon evidence of Lampung language. For example, * duwa> * d, R, X, Ø / Initial position after a pause; * tuŋku> * ŋk, ŋk, kk / Intervocalic position; * middle * five> * a, a, o, ou, E / Ultimo position open. And than, Proto-phonemes [* d>d: * ŋk> ŋk: * a> a] etymons as a retention; and [* d> R, X, Ø: * ŋk> kk: * a> o, ou, E] etymons as an innovation. It is hoped that these findings will benefit science in general, and linguistics in particular, both for interested parties and in particular linguists.